November 2011

Atlanta Job Fair Advice

Dress for success, don't arrive early, and have a plan.

Recently, Atlanta has highly publicized large job fairs in an effort to encourage job seekers to continue sending out applications.  Unfortunately, many job fairs in Atlanta have created more stress and confusion for the unemployed and underemployed individuals they are designed to help.  Knowing how to prepare for an Atlanta job fair, and how to present yourself during the job fair, will improve your chances of speaking to a recruiter and getting a new job.

Catch an Employer’s Eye by Applying at the Department of Labor

"Taking advantage of the career centers increases your chances of having an employer review your application"

In October 2011 the Georgia unemployment decreased slightly, however; the unemployment rate remains at 10.2% and many Georgia job seekers are having a difficult time finding jobs.  Though most job hunters are hoping to take advantage of the holiday rush by getting temporary employment at department stores, they are competing with college students coming home for holiday breaks.  One way to get the attention of employers who are dealing with hundreds of application each day is to apply for positions at the Georgia Department of Labor.

Why Apply Through GDOL

The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) has career centers that job hunters can use to search for local job openings, and complete applications through the GDOL computer system.  Once you have applied through the GDOL, the application is sent directly to the employer.  Applying through the GDOL means your application will be one of the first reviewed by your potential employer.  Taking advantage of the career centers increases your chances of having an employer review your application before they have finished selecting potential job candidates.