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Take Advantage of Holiday Jobs in Atlanta

During the holiday season many companies that previously had temporary hiring freezes begin looking for seasonal employees.  Companies that usually hire holiday workers are large retailers and some manufacturers.  Atlanta job seekers who are hoping to get their foot in the door with a new company should take advantage of local holiday jobs.

Apply in Person

Instead of applying online, visit local stores in person to talk to supervisors or staff members about their seasonal staffing needs.  Though many companies prefer processing applications online, an overworked manager might be more interested in accepting an application in person or even hiring on the spot.  If you are still required to apply online, talking to members of the management will increase your chances of getting hired since the management will now be on the lookout for your application.

Be Willing to Start Immediately

Staff hired to help during the holiday season are usually offered employment because the store is in desperate need of additional employees.  When an Atlanta retailer offers you seasonal employment they will often want you to start working immediately.  Not being able or willing to start work could cause your new employer to offer you fewer initial hours, or withdraw the offer employment altogether.  Remember, you are one of several who are applying for the open position and if you are not willing to start working someone else will be.

Taking advantage of seasonal employment in Atlanta could lead to an offer of fulltime employment once the holiday season is over if your employer is pleased with your overall performance.