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Foreign Businesses Set Up Shop in Atlanta

The bitter irony of America used to be businesses shipping jobs overseas—and while that still happens, it seems that today’s trend is the reverse. Many different companies from other countries seem to be taking an interest in relocating their headquarters—or at least setting up a branch of their business—within America these days.

At least half of the economic development stories I’ve read this week make this point. For example, in Atlanta, businesses from both Spain and Australia are setting up business. These moves are going to create 200 jobs for the community, which is brilliant, don’t get me wrong—but wouldn’t it be nice if our own businesses could do the same? Rather than “entice” businesses to keep jobs at home with propositions of tax cuts and other incentives, shouldn’t we be well past some sort of regulation that requires every business to, I don’t know, employ at least 85% of their workforce at home?

Of course, Republicans think that tax cuts are going to solve everything, as the Augusta Mirror recently reported. Because, you know, that’s worked so well in the past—oh, wait, it hasn’t. But hey, at least they’ll keep their base happy while keeping the rest of us broke as possible.